April Election Coming Up!

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Blue vote button On Tuesday, April 7, you will be able to elect candidates and weigh in on community initiatives.

There will be 51 different ballots in this election, so it will depend where you live as to what you are able to vote on. But all cities will have candidate elections, with Highlandville and Sparta also having issues on the ballot. School ballot issues will be voted on in Billings, Fordland, Bradleyville, and Ozark school districts. The Selmore Special Road District is requesting a levy increase and Ozark and Logan-Rogersville Fire Districts will have board member elections. The Chadwick Fire District is requesting a levy increase. Some districts will have no ballots, according to County Clerk, Kay Brown.

To see what you will be voting on, check your voter registration card for your precinct, then look at your sample ballot. The County Clerk’s Office will help with absentee ballots.

“Lower voter participation is a silent threat to our democracy…It under-represents young people, the poor, the disabled, those with little education, minorities and you and me.”  —Nancy Neuman

Upcoming Elections

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Voting box


April 8, 2014

[Fire, road, ambulance, water and health department boards have expiring seats on this ballot]

—Last day to register to vote March 12th


August 5, 2014

—First day for candidate filing February 25th
—Last day for candidate filing March 25th
—Last day to register to vote July 9th

November 4, 2014

—First day for candidate filing July 15th
—Last day for candidate filing August 19th
—Last day to register to vote October 8th

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Visit the Christian County Courthouse (100 W Church St, Ozark), Room 204, to pick up your absentee ballot, or call the County Clerk’s office at (417) 582-4340. Reasons for voting by absentee ballot include: Absence on Election Day; incapacity or confinement because of illness or physical disability (this includes the caregiver); religious belief or practice and people in federal service, their spouses and dependents.

You may also see a sample ballot for your precinct and ward online.
(Please note: There are 35 different ballots in the April 2013 election, so you will need to choose the correct one for your location.)

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April elections are Tuesday, April 2

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There are numerous local elections for school board members, school district directors, aldermen, council members, and fire board members. Ozark, Highlandville, and Sparta will be electing a mayor, and the Village of Saddlebrook, a trustee. Those in the Ozark Fire Protection District will also vote on a property tax levy increase:

“The Ozark Fire Protection District board of directors elected to place a 25-cent property tax levy increase on the April 2 ballot. If passed, the levy will go from 38 cents to 63 cents per $100 assessed property value. On a home assessed at $100,000, that would mean an increase of $47.50 per year or $3.96 per month.” (Christian County Headliner, February 8, 2013)

The City of Republic is proposing a sales tax increase of 1/8 of 1% for the city fire department, and Nixa will be voting on a municipal judge.


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