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Are you registered to vote??

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Voting boxJuly 9th is the last day to register to vote for the August 5th Primary. AND YOU NEED TO VOTE! Click here to register online.

If you will be out-of-town or incapacitated for the August 5th election, get an absentee ballot.

You will have a choice of ballots: Democrat or Republican. You will have Republicans running on the Republican ballot, and Democrats running on the Democrat ballot. Sample ballots are available online.

Democrat ballots will have Jim Billedo running for the 140th Missouri District unopposed. And there are two Democratic candidates running against Billy Long for the 7th US District (Jim Evans and Genevieve Williams). And if you live Union Chapel Township, two candidates are running for committee man for the Christian County Democratic Central Committee. Here are some of your Republican ballot choices:

  •   The Republican ballot will have two names running for US Representative and the Democrat ballot will have two names. This is the seat Billy Long currently holds, so you have a chance to unseat him!.
  •  For those of you living in the 139th Missouri District (includes Nixa, Clever, Highlandville, and Spokane) the Republican ballot will have 3 choices to replace Kevin Elmer. No Democrat on the Democrat ballot.
  • On the Republican ballot there will be 3 candidates running for Associate Judge for Division II. No Democrat on the Democrat ballot.
  • Also only on the Republican ballot there are 5 candidates running for Presiding Commissioner of Christian County, and 2 candidates running for county auditor.
  • All voters will have the opportunity to say yea or nay to 5 Missouri Constitutional Amendments:

Amendment 1 (Right to Farm): Many believe this would give special protections to large agribusiness over small family farms. Other concerns include food safety, environmental stands, property rights, and animal welfare. [The Humane Society, Missouri Farmers Union, and Food for America are all opposed to this amendment.] If approved, it is likely to be challenged in court because of its vague language.

Amendment 5 (Right to Bear Arms): The right of Missourians to keep and bear arms is already granted in the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and in state law. So what will this amendment do? It may make it harder to regulate guns and hinder law enforcement from protecting the public. Since there are already court challenges, it would also mean tax dollars spent fighting court cases.

Amendment 7 (Sales tax for Transportation): This would be the largest tax increase in state history and would fall heavily on the poor and working class. It would make transportation a higher priority than education and mean out-of-state drivers get a free ride through our state. Shouldn’t those using our highways the most pay for improvements?

Amendment 8 (Veteran Lottery Tickets): This proposes a lottery ticket be sold with proceeds going to a Veterans Trust Fund. Some people are questioning how this would affect the funding of education (right now receiving 24 cents of every lottery dollar). The question seems to be whether the welfare of our veterans should have to depend on a lottery?

Amendment 9 (Electronic Data Protection): This amendment would give electronic data the same privacy protections as the possessions inside your home. The U.S. Supreme Court is studying two cases now concerning electronic privacy. Because of the vague language, the consequences of this law are unknown.

(The opinions expressed are those of Polly C. Dross, President of the Democrat Club of Christian County.)


Upcoming Elections

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Voting box


April 8, 2014

[Fire, road, ambulance, water and health department boards have expiring seats on this ballot]

—Last day to register to vote March 12th


August 5, 2014

—First day for candidate filing February 25th
—Last day for candidate filing March 25th
—Last day to register to vote July 9th

November 4, 2014

—First day for candidate filing July 15th
—Last day for candidate filing August 19th
—Last day to register to vote October 8th

For more information:

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More on November ballot issues

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Proposition B is a cigarette tax increase of 73 cents (from the current 17 cents).  The League of Women Voters says “The tax meets many of our criteria. It is easy to understand, difficult to evade, and easy to enforce, easy to collect. The effect of the tax structure on business and individuals should be consistent with the economic and social aims of the state. There is a clear need for more revenue for education and health education.” []

The Springfield News-Leader is also endorsing this proposition: “To make it a win-win, the higher tax could bring in at least $283 million in new tax revenue for education and smoking cessation programs.” []

Amendment 3 would make changes in the current Nonpartisan Court Plan. The League of Women Voters opposes this amendment. “To put it simply, the proposed changes to the plan, would give the governor more power in the judicial selection process, bringing partisan politics into a system that is presently fair and impartial. The League of Women Voter supported the Nonpartisan Court Plan from its inception. There is no evidence that the plan needs changing.” []

Proposition A “seeks to transfer control of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department from a governor-appointed state board back to city officials.” According to the Springfield News-Leader the St. Louis mayor, the 3 St Louis police officers’ unions and several St. Louis area lawmakers are backing the initiative. They also report that mayors of more than a dozen Missouri cities have endorsed the measure, including the Springfield mayor, Greene County commissioners Harold Bengsch and Roseann Bentley, and Sheriff Jim Arnott. The NAACP and the ACLU of Eastern Missouri announced opposition to Prop A because they are upset that Prop A seals certain personnel records of officers accused of misconduct. However, the group backing the initiative said those are records that are typically not available elsewhere in Missouri or in other states.

Proposition E is a step against “Obamacare,” prohibiting the Governor or any state agency from establishing or operating state-based health insurance exchanges unless authorized by a vote of the people or legislature. According to the Missouri Foundation of Health “Proposition E would slow exchange implementation by limiting the ability of state officials, agencies, and other stakeholders to evaluate key decisions and accomplish major tasks before an exchange is operational.” The Kansas City Star recommends voters reject this proposition: “Proposition E is horrible public policy. The legislature was irresponsible to place it on the ballot. Voters should let them know that.” []

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